In today’s society, most people play multiple roles in their everyday lives. We can go from professional to coach to nurse to mom or dad in a matter of hours. It’s important to understand that managing these roles can be challenging. Perhaps the toughest challenge most families have today is to ensure a healthy balance between work and home. The following are five steps to consider if you’re struggling with balancing work and home life:

Step 1: Prioritize

It is essential to determine the most urgent tasks for the day and allocate sufficient time to complete them. If you are unsure about what requires your direct attention, ask your manager for advice and assistance. This prioritization will help keep you on top of your workload, limiting stress and the number of hours that you spend at work.

Step 2: Structure

Once you have defined your priorities, structure your day around them. By grouping similar tasks together you can be more efficient in completing all your daily jobs. You will then be able to finish high priority tasks first, medium priority tasks next, and so on.

Step 3: Take breaks

You should take some personal time during the day for activities that are not related to your job. During your lunch break, you can go for a walk or engage with colleagues on a social level.

Step 4: Leverage

Use technology to work smarter and increase productivity. If a face-to-face meeting out of the office is required with a client or overseas offices, use video conferencing. This convenient tech solution will reduce the amount of time spent traveling and being away from the family.

Step 5: Recharge

If you are unable to make time for yourself during the day, consider taking time off. You may take time for your hobbies, a holiday or overseas vacation. Taking this time away from work allows you to focus on your interests or spend time relaxing and unwinding.

All work and no play can leave anyone stressed, dissatisfied, unhappy, and feeling like everything is out of control. You can be successful both at work and home by achieving a healthy work life and home life balance. The result will help be energized and happy in all the roles you play every day.

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